Monday , June 17 2019
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Marijuana Tourism Industry Growing Rapidly

Marijuana Tourism in CO

Tourists from Illinois, the United States, and around the world are flooding into Colorado to enjoy the newly legalized marijuana industry.

Colorado is assumed to become the new Amsterdam, where tourists from around the world visited to relax and enjoy consuming marijuana in a legalized environment. New Colorado-based businesses are already in operation that cater to tourists traveling to Colorado to experience the marijuana industry.

Most of the new tour companies provide marijuana-related tours for groups of travelers that want to see inside marijuana cultivation centers, dispensaries, and stay at marijuana-friendly hotels. Some tour companies provide specialty services such as marijuana cooking classes.

Denver International Airport provides hundreds of flights daily, making it very convenient for travelers from around the glode to fly to. Americans can also easily drive to Colorado to enjoy the marijuana industry. Denver is host to the most dispensaries, but many Colorado boarder towns have at least one dispensary offering recreational marijuana.

Colorado visitors that are 21 or older can purchase up to a quarter ounce of marijuana, while adults with a Colorado ID may purchase up to an ounce. Marijuana can only be smoked on private property, such as in a home, but each town will be creating its own marijuana smoking ordinances.