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Chicago Mayor Wants Allow Marijuana Consumption at Stores


Illinois’ adult use marijuana rules aren’t perfect. It’s led the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, to call for legal marijuana consumption spaces. She says that the state needs to create a licensing structure for these services.

Lightfoot intended to hold a City Council “showdown” to discuss here plan for consumption but called it off, the Chicago Sun Times reported. There were concerns about shortages of hookah lounges and smoke shops where some of these consumption areas might be located. It’s speculated that smokeless cafes and places where edibles could be consumed – in limited amounts, could become available soon.

Mayor Lightfoot said, “We’ve got to give people a safe place to consume. It’s got to be part of the regulatory roll-out. While certainly we’ll continue to be working with the state to address this issue. … But we’re gonna have to move before the state because we may not get something from the state until the end of the legislative session, which is at the end of May. In my mind, that’s too long to wait.”

It doesn’t seem that the Mayor supports on-site consumption at dispensaries due to consumers driving immediately after partaking. The intended plan would allow for the consumption areas to be where at least 80% of sales are tobacco products.  Using rideshare services, designated drivers and public transportation from the consumption areas would be a big part of the discussion and something regarding leaving after consuming marijuana may be in the language of the ordinance or future revisions of it.

She won’t give up on the ordinance.

Lightfoot said, “We want to make sure that there are safe places to consume in areas of the city where the residents support it.”