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Illinois Adult-Use Marijuana Sales Soar Above $10 Million in Five Days

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were forewarned that a shortage was likely – that warning is coming to fruition as several dispensaries have had to close as product sells out.

While some say that there isn’t a shortage of product, but a shortage of employees to sell the product – consumers are left wondering what to believe, the Washington Times reported. Midway Dispensary in Chicago is sold out – it sold out of product on Sunday, January 5. The doors there will reopen once they have restocked their recreational marijuana products – they are still serving medical marijuana patients.

It is comforting to know that some dispensaries are putting patients first. Many dispensaries that are selling both medical and recreational marijuana are ensuring that they have product for the medical marijuana cardholders.

Neal McQueeney of Midway Dispensary said, “The demand was huge. We knew we were going to run out. It was a matter of when, not if.”

Cresco Labs in Sunnyside said it was closing so “employees could have a break” – not because they were out of product.

Jason Erkes of Cresco said, “There are no product supply shortages. Just a shortage of state-approved employees to help efficiently service the hundreds of people that have been showing up every day to make their first legal cannabis purchase in Illinois.”

Reports of several other dispensaries closing temporarily due to supply/product shortages continue to circulate. The adult use industry is new to Illinois and will endure some growing pains as other states have. Residents are reminded that patience is appreciated and everything will even out soon.