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Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Says, “Let’s Legalize Marijuana”

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Gubernatorial candidate J. B. Pritzker says that further studies on marijuana legalization aren’t needed and that Illinois needs to act. At the DuSable Museum of African American History, the candidate announced his plans to fight crime in the state, with legalization being included. Senator Daniel Bliss agrees with Pritzker.

If a legalization supporting Democrat wins the gubernatorial race, Illinois could see legalization take place, according to Chicago Sun Times. If a new governor is elected, he or she will take office in 2019. Illinois will have a bit of a wait for legalization if no efforts are successful before then.

Candidate Pritzker said, “We don’t need more studies on this. We need to act. Let’s legalize marijuana. Let’s regulate it to make it safe. Let’s tax it. Let’s reinvest in the hardest hit communities.”

Support for both decriminalization and legalization are present in Illinois.