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Illinois Dispensary to Host Medical Marijuana Educational Event

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Maribis of Springfield is offering an educational seminar on August 26 from 1 to 3 p.m. to help educate Illinois residents on the state’s medical marijuana program. Those that have a qualifying condition will learn how to become registered in the state. The event will be held at the Jacksonville Public Library.

Anyone with questions about medical marijuana are encouraged to attend, Journal Courier reports. There are roughly 40 qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Illinois. The seminar is to help people learn how to get involved and how to get certified.

Dan Linn of Maribis of Springfield said, “We’re hoping to answer questions and dispel myths and to be a resource for people looking at getting into this program.”

Once a patient is approved, they need to determine which cannabinoids are ideal for their specific conditions. The seminar will also go over different cannabinoids as well as different methods for using medical marijuana.

Linn said, “One of the biggest myths is that the only way to consume medical cannabis is by smoking it. That is not the case. There are many items that do not require smoking, such as sprays, consumables, suppositories, creams – there [are] a lot of options.”

The event is scheduled for a two hour period, the first hour will be informational and the second hour will be the question-and-answer period.