Wednesday , April 24 2019
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Illinois Veteran Urges Local VA to Allow Medical Marijuana for Vets

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Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin, spoke of positive developments in medical marijuana research. This has encouraged Illinois veterans to push the VA to allow them to use medical marijuana. One veteran says “it’s time.”

Blake Irvin says marijuana helps him more than any pill prescribed ever has, according to WSIL 3 News. Irvin works hard, but he wasn’t always able to do so due to the medications he was taking for PTSD. He also has an autoimmune disease.

Director Shulkin said, “There may be some evidence that this is beginning to be helpful and we’re interested I looking at that and learning about that.”

Irvin said, “The meds that were given to me for PTSD seemed like they created more problems for me.”

Irvin’s civilian doctor prescribed RSO oil to him. Regarding the oil, Irvin said, “There is some THC in it but it doesn’t get you high.’

The RSO oil helped the veteran return to some of his favorite activities, like gardening.

The VA must follow federal guidelines regarding controlled substances. VA doctors aren’t even allowed to provide opinions to veterans regarding medical marijuana and cannot prescribe or recommend it for veterans.

Irvin said, “After a week of taking the RSO oil, I went out and ran three miles.”

Irvin believes that research will continue to show the connection between RSO and its healing properties.

He said, “I think the possibilities are endless.”