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Redesigned Packaging Saves Illinois Dispensary Over $50K Annually

Dispensary 33 Illinoise product. Dispensary 33 was literally throwing money in the trash, so they came up with a solution.

Displaying medical marijuana flower is essential for sales at dispensaries, so seals have to be broken, Fast Co.Design reports. Dispensary 33 says it was losing $50,000 annually having to discard packaging and products.

Perimeter Architects redesigned its packaging. Now, Dispensary 33 is using a wooden base-package with a blown glass bulb on the top that has a pressure locking mechanism for sealing purposes. All of the custom-designed packages have positive/negative locking mechanisms in them. The new packaging also hopes to keep the dry flower fresher.

Jaime Magaliff was the primary architect on the project, leading his design to an AIA Chicago award in May. The new packaging is more in tune with the dispensary’s design.

Magaliff said, “The clients thought that was not up to par with the rest of the design of the space.”

These custom-made containers are for display purposes only. Each container costs roughly $120 to make. The dispensary initially ordered 60 of the glass product packages.

In Illinois, marijuana products can’t be physically accessible to patrons on a sales floor.

Dispensary 33’s new packaging barely skirts the law as only a glass wall separates the displayed product from patrons’ hands. The glass display area can only be accessed from behind the display case.

Their display satisfies the law and provides a better way for patients to see the medicine they are purchasing before opening it at home.

Photo: Perimeter Architects