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Illinois Reviews Medical Marijuana’s Effect on Opioid Addiction


State senators in Illinois are hearing stories from opioid addicts in recovery regarding medical marijuana’s help in pain management. One patient said opiates made her angry. She didn’t want to leave her house. She said, “I’m more outgoing, I go places. My nephew hadn’t seen me for six years, and he’s like, ‘Aunt Lore, you’re back’, and I said, ‘What do you mean I’m back? I’ve always been here’ and he said, ‘No, it wasn’t you but you’ve been here.’”

Chicago orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Charles Bush Joseph had difficulty operating on patients with high opioid tolerances, Northern Public Radio reports.

Dr. Joseph said, “And I just remember two patients who came back to me and said, ‘Listen, Doc, I’m off the stuff.’ He goes, ‘I want you to take another shot at my shoulder.’ And I said, ‘How’d you get off?’ and he said, ‘Well listen, I’m smoking a lot of weed.’”

Illinois’ medical marijuana program is four years old. Becoming eligible is difficult as it has the most restrictions than any other medical marijuana state.