Thursday , March 21 2019
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Marijuana Possession Penalties Reduced In Illinois Cities

IL Marijuana Law

If you are caught with 10 grams or less of marijuana in Marshall, Illinois, you’ll only get a ticket and a fine instead of a trip to jail. You will have to pay a $100 fine within 14-days of the infraction or you will face consequences. Fines are doubled, plus there are court costs if you don’t pay within 14-days of citation.

Cities including Palestine, Paris, and Robinson have adopted similar ordinances, according to WIBQ Radio. Legislation was passed to allow individual municipalities to adopt their own ordinances regarding marijuana.

Mayor Cammie Sanders said, “That’s what we came up with to see how it works. We can always change it if it’s not working. That’s just to discourage kids from doing it, from having it. It is still against the law.”

More Illinois cities are expected to adopt similar laws.