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NJ Bill Would Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Use

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The Garden State might be doing some gardening of a different kind come November. The state of New Jersey has just filed a bill that would legalize marijuana for recreational use on a state wide level where they would tax it in a similar fashion as alcohol.

Senate Bill 1896 was introduced last week by Senator Steve Scutari and it goes into detail on how New Jersey would monitor the possession, retail sale, and the cultivation of marijuana. Under Scuatari’s bill, adults would be permitted to possess as well as transfer up to an ounce of marijuana; however, they transference must not come at a fiscal gain for either party. This does exclude retail shops, which he also hopes will be formed and governed similarly to alcohol once they are established. The bill also allows the cultivation of up to 6 plants.

There will also be a state imposed tax on the sale of recreational marijuana which will be divided into 3 sub categories. One of which, dubbed the “pot for pot-holes” tax will take 70% of the collected money and put it towards fixing up the New Jersey state roads and highways.

Chris Christie, the current Governor of New Jersey has been stern on his stance that marijuana will not be legalized or decriminalized while he is still governor. Scutari has responded to this by saying “He’s not going to be governor forever.”