Tuesday , May 21 2019
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Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal in 2014 for CO and WA

Marijuana users in Washington and Colorado are counting down the seconds till the two states become the first to legalize recreational marijuana for adults on January 1, 2014.

America will be keeping a close eye on the two states to witness history and to follow the billion dollar industry which will generate millions in tax revenue and for businesses associated with the marijuana industry.

One new business market is marijuana tourism which will provide marijuana tours to adult tourists that are expected to flock to the Amsterdam-style marijuana culture that will now be found in the states.

A Colorado marijuana dispensary owner stated “I have people driving in from Texas, Arizona, Utah… to be a part of history. Just the novelty alone is bringing people from everywhere.”

American tourists and international tourists alike will be headed to Colorado and Washington state this year to be a part of history and enjoy the new culture found within those two states.