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Acting Attorney General Vows State Marijuana Laws Will Be Protected

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Acting U.S. Attorney General William Barr has put his promise to not crack down on legal marijuana businesses in writing.

Barr did not insinuate that he’s replacing the Cole Memo, according to Forbes, but he did hint that it would be better if Congress acknowledged the legal gaps among federal and state marijuana laws.

Barr said, “As discussed at my hearing, I do not intend to go after parties who have complied with state law in reliance on the Cole Memorandum.”

Barr favors increasing the number of growers permitted to cultivate marijuana for research purposes.

“I support the expansion of marijuana manufacturers for scientific research consistent with law,” Barr stated. “If confirmed, I will review the matter and take appropriate steps.”

Barr gave clarity regarding the legality of hemp and what it means for CBD and low-THC products. He outlined that these products are distinctively different from the cannabinoids and products that are derived from marijuana.

Barr noted, “Products derived from hemp, including CBD, are therefore subject to different legal and regulatory restrictions than those derived from non-hemp marijuana plants under certain circumstances.”

He’s already steps ahead of the former AG Sessions in that he’ll review scientific and medical evidence regarding CBD in hopes of formally rescheduling it.

Don Murphy from the MPP said, “After decades of failed drug war, it’s difficult to grasp the progress we’ve made in just the past couple of years. From a hawkish attorney general who sent a chill through the industry and threatened to escalate enforcement to a nominee who put his hands-off federalist approach to prohibition in writing. William Barr didn’t just wave the white flag, he signed a peace agreement.”

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