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Many Marijuana Businesses Are Using White Labeled Products

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Marijuana-infused products are becoming available as white labeled products as the industry evolves. This means that a manufacturer makes a product—such as a vaporizer, cookie dough, container, etc.—with no branding on it, and a business can then use it and brand it as their own product, thus reducing the business’s time-to-market and many painstaking issues that come with starting a business.

Percentage of manufacturers that make all their products:

  • Edibles – 22%
  • Concentrates – 24%
  • Topicals – 6%

Percentage of manufacturers that make portions of product lines:

  • Edibles – 68%
  • Concentrates 63%
  • Topicals – 45%

These are the fastest growing product types in the marijuana industry in both recreational and medicinal markets.

“While flower still accounts for the majority of retail sales, concentrates and edibles continue to eat into flower’s share of the market with each passing year,” according to the Marijuana Business Factbook 2017.

Product lines are being expanded to multiple portions of the infused marijuana product category so manufacturers can get a piece of multiple markets.

Regarding the expansion into multiple infused product categories, the Factbook says, “While this may maximize revenue in the short term, the industry grows more sophisticated by the day – and manufacturers that specialize on providing a top-quality product to a very narrow portion of the market may end up finding more success than those spread across multiple categories.”

Gourmet edibles companies are creating upscale marijuana-infused items such as ice cream, peanut butter, hot sauces and marinara sauces. Concentrates are becoming cleaner and more affordable in multiple markets across the country with advancements in industry technology.