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U.S. Virgin Islands Senator Is Trying to Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Senator Terrence Nelson of the U.S. Virgin Islands plans to reintroduce legislation to legalize medical marijuana in the U.S. territory. Previous attempts have not gained enough support from fellow lawmakers. A date has not been given regarding with the Senator will introduce the legislation to the Senate again.

Senator Nelson said, “With the passage of time and the release of more information, more proven research, it will make sense that this Legislature will be more prepared to pass it.”

New research may help Senator Nelson’s efforts this time around, The Consortium reports. Governor Matt Mapp said he’d consider the legislation. He gave no promise that medical marijuana would be signed into law.

Governor Mapp said, “It would be something that I think would be considered. I look at all of the bills that arrive on my desk, and I will give it its merits. I will pass it through all of my commissioners and agency heads that has to deal with that.”

Senator Nelson hinted that Governor Mapp may be on board with recreational marijuana legalization as well.

Nelson said, “He’s actually not limited his consideration to medical.”

A poll conducted by The Consortium showed overwhelming support of marijuana legalization in some form.