Monday , June 17 2019
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The Doob Tube Joint Roller Cone

Roll Jamaican style cigarettes, or spliffs, like a pro in seconds with this cone roller for king sized doobies.

This patented king size Cone Roller from RYO Cones is a one-step rolling tool that will teach you the art of rolling correctly! The edge of the cone roller holds the paper filter tip in place, making it a breeze to quickly and easily pre-roll proper cones to pack and burn at the drop of a hat. This RYO brand Doob Roller is perfect for mastering the art.

The Cone Roller will arrive packaged in a clear acrylic airtight and water-proof King Size Doob Tube for protecting your blended cigs, blunts and for stashing half-smoked treats for later without making you smell like an Amsterdam bar. Made here in the US by a family-owned business in Northern California, the Cone Roller’s tough, diamond-machined anodized aluminum construction ensures that it will last for years.

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