Wednesday , December 19 2018
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Marijuana Bracelet Pipe

Marijuana Bracelet PipeIf you like unique, you’ll like this marijuana Bracelet Pipe!

At just $15 bucks a piece, this iconic ring shaped bracelet pipe captures both the heart and mind with it’s simply use of spherical space. Blow smoke rings the size of Saturn with this bracelet size pipe while experiencing its naturally concentric cooling effect.

Girls LOVE this “in vogue” bracelet pipe as it pulls smooth cool hits time and time again, year after year. For less than the price of dinner for two, you can have a pair of “his and her” bracelet pipes! This is a “smoking gift” that keeps giving, but only while they last! With care this classic ring-shaped bracelet pipe could last through generations, as a symbol of your good taste and high times. Use your own imagination.

Mouthpiece and bowl are removable making it a discreet 3.5 inch (9cm) stash to carry in your purse or wear while you smoke on the run.

Get yours today!

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