Tuesday , March 26 2019
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Blaze Glass Perc Ice Bong Review

This beautiful black Blaze percolator ice bong is by the one and only Blaze Glass! Be kind to yourself with this sandblasted black BLAZE glass cylinder bong, complete with slotted triple arms, a fortified tree percolator, and a 3.9” rift cut, slit down-stem diffuser.

The BLAZE Glass Percolator Ice Bong is made with 50mm ballistic barrel stand, is nearly 19” tall and on a firm well balanced based. This premium Pyrex percolator ice bong is a straight, smooth bore water pipe, designed with a sandblasted black BLAZE logo and clear 5.0mm dense Pyrex borosilicate glass. Furthermore, the well honed classic ice-notches enhance the jet black glass bowl with roll stoppers.

Another impeccable premium feature of this BLAZE glass percolator ice bong is a rubber carburetor stopper to accommodate bong water.

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