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Zippo Lighter – Collectible 500 Millionth Brass Review

Zippo LighterMillions of Zippo fans around the world are buying, selling, swapping, collecting, and talking about Zippo lighters. Zippo lighters have celebrated nearly eight decades of milestones, and in 2012 sold its 500,000,000th lighter!

Zippo has remained a company dedicated to providing people with high quality lighters. This authentic Zippo lighter with deluxe brass delivers all the features you’d expect from the historic icon. See if your Zippo has a 500 Million bottom stamp? Last year, Zippo lighter celebrated the production of its 500 millionth lighter. Nearly 23,000 cases were randomly shuffled in with the regular production lines with no special indications, giving customers the same chance of receiving a 500 Millionth-stamped lighter. If your lucky, your brass Zippo lighter could be part of this commemoration making it a great collector item.

The brass Zippo lighter includes an etching of a marijuana leaf on it and is engraved with the phrase: “After all it’s only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind.”

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