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Persei Vaporizer

Persei Vaporizer

Looking for a portable concentrate and herbal pen vape that’s rechargeable?

W9 Tech’s Persei Vaporizer comes with re-chargeable 7.4 volt lithium ion batteries and charger so you have portability without the issue of getting caught with dead batteries on the fly. Persei Vaporizer has a variable voltage control for the perfect vape. With the single and double tops as well as cartridges you fill yourself, you can chose huge hits of small concentrated hits. Cartridge holds about a gram and will produce about 400 hits!

The teal colored Persei Vaporizer comes packaged in an attractive gift box and includes:
• 1 x Persei body in teal
• 1 x Persei Single Top
• 1 x Persei Double Top
• 1 x IMR 18650 battery
• 2 x IMR 18350 batteries
• 1 x Lithium Ion battery charger
• 2 x 5.0 ohm cartridge (for liquid concentrates only)
• 2 x aluminum mouthpieces
• 1 x fill tool
• 1 x adjustment tool

Get yours today!

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