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Las Vegas’ First Marijuana Tasting/Testing Room Opens

Marijuana Tasting Room

The Las Vegas dispensary Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace has opened a marijuana tasting room. The dispensary is located on Paiute Tribal land, a few miles north of The Strip. The dispensary also offers a 24-hour marijuana drive-thru service.

Nevada doesn’t permit marijuana tasting rooms yet and the City of Las Vegas doesn’t allow them, Fox 5 Vegas reported. However, since Nuwu is on tribal land, it’s considered a sovereign land.

The concept is “try before you buy.” Consumers can visit the dispensary and try different marijuana strains. When the find a strain they like, they can purchase it. The primary idea behind the tasting room is to allow tourists somewhere to use marijuana safely.

Dispensary regular, Melissa Applewhite said, “Oh, my god, do you know how super stoked I am for this moment? I will be the first one at the door!”

Patrons are encouraged to use a sober driver, taxi or ridesharing service if they plan to consume marijuana at the tasting room.