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Top 8 Industries for Starting a Business in 2019

CBD Business

Every year, Inc. takes the latest data and interviews experts to decide the next industries most likely to takeoff. This year, CBD has made the cut. With its numerous health benefits–most notably, pain and anxiety relief–CBD products are becoming a major healthcare supplement throughout the world.

Here are Inc.’s fastest-growing industries for 2019:

This urban transportation sector makes electric-powered bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.

Digital Therapeutics
This sector makes video games and apps to treat a host of medical conditions.

This cannabis sector uses CBD to offer anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving effects for people.

Personalized Nutrition
This sector offers genetic testing and other technologies that can help people improve their wellness.

Healthy Jerky
This sector creates unique jerky for specific dieters, such as paleo, meat-free, organic or keto.

Baby Tech
This sector creates technology for fertility tracking, breastfeeding, and even putting babies to sleep.

Selfie Services
This sector offers services that give people more editing capabilities for their selfies.

Workleisure Apparel
New-age comfortable and durable clothing such as button-down shirts and slacks.