Wednesday , May 22 2019
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Former NFL Player Now Working for Illinois-Based Marijuana Company

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Justin Staples is a name that used to be associated with the NFL. He’s a former linebacker for the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns.

Staples was recently named the Director of Business Development at Revolution Enterprises, a marijuana cultivation and distribution company, reports Forbes. Staples will work on expanding Revolution’s business to more states and to increase awareness and educate communities (especially in the athletic community) about the benefits of marijuana.

Some speculate that the NFL may change its stance on marijuana in the next couple of years. Current players don’t tend to speak of their current use of marijuana due to the strict regulations of the NFL. It isn’t until they become “former” NFL players that their use is divulged. Many are concerned with the potential to become addicted or dependent upon opioids.

Staples said, “I’m joining the Revolution Team at a true industry inflection point because my values align with Revolution’s success in providing Illinois patients cannabis medicine as an alternative to addictive opioids. Together we can build upon Revolution’s momentum to increase the spectrum of health and wellness options available to patients in all legal cannabis states across America and enhance the quality of life for athletes, veterans and other consumers alike.”