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Arizona Company Launches Marijuana Vending Machines

Marijuana Vending Machine

American Green is a Phoenix, Ariz.-based marijuana technology company that has created a vending machine—currently in prototype status—that scans identification and requires a fingerprint for making medical and recreational marijuana purchases.

In April, the vending machine debuted at a Las Vegas convention, Time reports. The machines were created to help protect a marijuana users’ identity.

There are marijuana vending machines in operation in Canada; however, an employee is always having to check IDs before the machine can be used.

The new machine, the American Green Machine, requires no human attendee. A fingerprint scan must verify a buyer before purchases can be made. Accounts must also be setup using a government-issued ID. If a prescription is required, that data would also be required.

The goal is to tie multiple types of vending machines nationwide.

David Gwyther of American Green said that, “A baseball fan could buy a beer at the game in New York and cannabis from a dispensary in California the next day through the same app utilizing their verified account.”