Monday , June 24 2019
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Experienced Marijuana Industry Consultants Flood Into Illinois

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It appears that experience is starting to pay off in the medical marijuana industry. Consultants are beginning to head to states like Illinois and Florida where dispensaries have yet to be established, but are certainly on the horizon.

Cannabis University, LLC, a Denver company has already set up a two day classroom symposium in Illinois that charges students $300 to learn the ins-and-outs of the business. It will teach the hopeful entrepreneurs what it takes to open and operate a cultivation site in accordance with state laws, which have proven to be quite restrictive. Illinois medical marijuana guidelines state that hopeful owners must be able to prove that they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquid assets before they can be considered for a license.

Similar seminars are also under way in the state of Florida where medical marijuana has not yet been legalized, but some consultants are so confident that it will be that they have already begun to set up similar classes. A $500 month long course is now being offered in Tampa where tomato and pepper plants are being implemented in place of marijuana plants.

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