Monday , June 17 2019
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Illinois City to Allow Dispensaries With No Added Restrictions

Aldermen in the city of Batavia, IL, have chosen not to implement additional restrictions on medical marijuana businesses.

The Joint Committee of the Whole looked into zoning maps showing where dispensaries and cultivation centers could and could not be located given the strict laws that have already been imposed on a state wide level.

Scott Buening, the community development director in Batavia said that there are already a fair amount of restrictions on the locations of these centers so he doesn’t really see the point in adding any more. Municipalities across Illinois are allowed to instill additional restrictions on dispensaries and cultivation centers; however, they are not permitted to flat out prohibit them.

With the zoning laws as they stand now, cultivation centers would only operate in the industrial portions of town, but would most likely choose to move somewhere rural. Dispensaries would also not be permitted in the downtown area because of zoning restrictions and would most likely be popping up on Randall Road, a commercial area just outside of downtown.