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About ILmmj.com | Medical Marijuana Info for Illinois

ILmmj.com is the largest and most-visited medical marijuana related site in Illinois; bringing together the largest online directory for Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries, Illinois medical marijuana doctors, Illinois marijuana attorneys, news, articles, and more.

As the largest Illinois medical marijuana Site, ILmmj.com serves as both a gateway to other sites and as a destination for Illinois medical marijuana locations for doctors, dispensaries, and other area businesses that fulfill medicinal marijuana prescriptions. ILmmj.com is updated throughout the day with news and video from other medicinal marijuana related sites, editors, and is home to a comprehensive newsletter that keeps up to date with the latest laws, news, and openings of new dispensaries and doctor offices. The site also features extensive medicinal marijuana news coverage, multimedia, links and information. ILmmj.com’s many advertising options include listings for local medicinal marijuana dispensaries, doctors, attorneys, and other marijuana-friendly businesses.

ILmmj.com is Illinois’s No. 1 local medicinal marijuana web site, attracting thousands of unique visitors from all over the great state of Illinois. ILmmj.com was launched in 2012 as the Illinois legislature approved the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use.

ILmmj.com is a locally owned media site that manages a huge amount of data and related content. Our sponsors, advertisers, and silent partners help make our web site cutting edge and useful to those interested in learning more about medicinal marijuana issues in Illinois. We ask that you please visit their web sites and support their brands, products and initiatives, as if not for these wonderful advertisers, ILmmj.com would cease to exist.

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ILmmj.com’s site features video and text information related to stories and information pertaining to the legal usage and education of medicinal marijuana in the state of Illinois. In addition, all users are required to be at least 18 years of age and are asked to leave immediately if you are not.

ILmmj.com also features only TRUSTED medical marijuana dispensaries, doctors, attorneys, and businesses. Trusted ILmmj.com members are advertisers that have been pre-screened and pre-qualified to have met or exceeded our standards of business operations, meaning all required state licenses and certifications have been verified for each dispensary, doctor, attorney, and etc.

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